Eliminate Sewer Odors at the Source!

The truth is, having to deal with sewage odors stinks. Luckily, our trained professionals at America’s Best Plumbing have years of experience when it comes to abating plumbing odors. If you start to smell a sulfur odor in or around your home, this could be an indication that there is a problem with your sewage or septic system. The stench you are most likely smelling is hydrogen sulfide, which emanates from decaying matter. It is critical that you regularly maintain and service your sewage system for optimum use, just as you would for your other plumbing fixtures. If you suspect there is a plumbing issue in your home that is causing plumbing odors, contact our certified specialists at America’s Best Plumbing that handle everything from sewer odor detection to repairs.

These can be some of the common causes of sewer odor in your home:

  • Malfunctioning vent – When your plumbing vent is not working correctly, sewer gases may be escaping inside of your home instead of above it.
  • Damaged drain line – If the drain line is damaged between the trap and the main sewer, water and sewage can leak out along with noxious fumes.
  • A dry tap – When your drain tap is not used often, it can dry out, causing the trap seal to break.

For your health and safety, it is imperative that the cause of a sewage odor is immediately detected and dealt with in your home.

Our technicians can be trusted because we conduct thorough background checks and provide continuous training to ensure premium service. Don’t ignore sewer odors! They can be dangerous. America’s Best Plumbing has the tools and resources to detect and repair plumbing drain odors the same day. Call us at 661-397-1427 or schedule an online appointment with us today!