Dealing with a slab leak, you can count on our licensed professionals at America’s Best Plumbing to find the source of the leak and fix it promptly. Slab leaks often arise because of a break in the pipes that run below the concrete foundation of your home. Simply put, slab leaks occur when water escapes beneath a slab of concrete. Our team can repair slab leaks from both water and sewer lines.

It’s critical to catch a slab leak during its early stages before it causes severe damage to your home and budget.

Slab Leak Warning Signs:

  • Is there a sound of water running with no faucets on?
  • Do you feel a warm spot on your floor? (This could mean there is a leak in the hot water line)
  • Detecting mold under the carpet?
  • Do you see a crack in the slab? (not always a conclusive indicator)
  • Is your water bill abnormally high?
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Before you start breaking through your concrete to find the leak, have one of our trained detection specialists correctly identify the source of the leak to save you time and money.

Contact our skilled repair technicians at 661-397-1427 as soon as you notice an issue. We specialize in detecting and repairing slab leaks. If you’re concerned your home has a slab leak, or a leak anywhere else on your property, call America’s Best Plumbing for professional advice and a FREE quote.